Monday, January 23, 2012

Tasty Tiramisu Anyone?

Tiramisu. The name itself used to conjure images of mysterious eastern destinations and exotic localities in the Land of the Rising Sun until I found out that it is actually Italian in origin! Well, wherever it may have originated from, Tiramisu has a special place in my heart and a strong influence on my palate. The very first time the first spoonful of the decadent dessert passed through my lips, I fell in love with its smooth sweetness and coffee flavoured concoction. The Tiramisu I had was a decadent layer upon layer of coffee-tinged savoirardi or ladyfinger cookies and mascarpone cheese covered with chopped caramalized almonds. It was just heavenly! What I really like was its light and airy structure that did not overpower or sit heavily on the tummy. Literally translated, it means 'pick me up' and it sure did! Since then on, I would continue to search for the best Tiramisu wherever I had the opportunity during my travel in Malaysia and overseas. I've had many versions of  this dessert but the first one I tasted had to be one of the best.

After years of enjoying the fruit of labour of leading patisseries, I gathered the nerve to make my very first Tiramisu. I used chopped caramalized almonds and was happy to see the final result was not too far off from the one made by an experienced baker. Brought to the flea market at Amcorp Mall and despite its rather unstable appearance (after all, it should really be in a chiller!), my Tiramisu was quickly snapped up by our visitors. Will I do it again? You betcha!

RM85 per cake.


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