Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Classic Coffee Walnut Cake with Coffee Buttercream

Date of Creation: Oct 22, 2009
Baked this yummy Classic Coffee Walnut Cake with Coffee Buttercream last Sunday. Took it to the office for testing..generally got good feedback. The cake was gone by end of day anyway. I must say it actually tastes quite good! Gonna be one of my cake selections.Recipe courtesy of Women's Weekly Malaysia..one of my favourite local magazines.

Black Magic Chocolate Cake

Date of Creation: 7 months ago
Baked my latest cake - the Black Magic Chocolate Cake. I must say that it was really moist and chocolaty! Yummy...filled it with chocolate buttercream and top it with my special chocolate frosting. The lucky recipient were my neighbours and brothers. Got the thumbs up...so, it passed my experiment and shall be one of my signature cakes.

Moist Banana Walnut Cake

Date of Creation: Oct 26, 2009
Tried out this cake recipe last night. Easy and delish! Used pisang rastali for the added kick. Really moist with bits of crunchy walnut as a pleasant surprise when you sink your mouth into it. Delish...

Dutch Apple Cake

Date of creation: Nov 4, 2009
I had some fuji apples lying around. decided to try Rachel Allen's Dutch Apple Cake. Did not disappoint! It was really easy to do and tasted heavenly. I love the smell of cinnamon and apple! Perfect combination...check out the pics..believe me, they don't do the cake justice..wish i can show you the texture.

White Chocolate Brownie

Date of creation: About 6 months ago
My brothers have been pestering me to make some brownies for them. Decided to make White Chocolate Brownie instead of the usual ones. Had some white choc lying around and decided to make it extra decadent by adding lots of choc chips. That should last them a whole week!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Carrot Cake for Aunt

It sure was a busy weekend in May! Aside from baking for my hubby and neighbour, an aunt called on Saturday night asking if I could bake a carrot cake for her to take to the office on Monday for a tea-time party. What the heck! One of my all-time favourite cakes to bake is the Carrot Cake so I said yes and proceeded to spend Sunday morning shredding a kilo of carrots! I couldn't resist baking some extra for me to take to the office because it's just delicious. And healthy too!

Carrot Cake is one of the cakes I accept for order (RM65 per cake).

Muffins Mania

Received a last minute request from a neighbour who's having a 'kenduri'. She wanted some muffins for the children who'd be attending the event. I had to make do with whatever I had in the pantry as there wasn't any time for grocery shopping. Despite the last minute request, I managed to bake two types of muffins for her; Crazy Choc Chip Muffin (because I went a bit overboard with the dark and white choc chips!) and Peanut-Me-Nut Muffin (used a big jar of peanut butter in the fridge that was doomed for expiration if I didn't use it). Hope the kids like 'em.

Happy Birthday Hubby!

My darling hubby, Nawawi Husin, celebrated his 46th birthday on Saturday, 23rd May 2010. He's not exactly the sort that even remembers let alone celebrates birthdays, anniversaries etc but I thought, what the heck, because I sure do! So, we had a low-key celebration with a special cake baked by yours truly, of course. He likes cheesecake so I decided to bake him my very own Mix Fruit Baked Cheesecake. One of the highlights of the day was when I had to bash to smithereens the digestive biscuits that formed the base of the cake. Then, it was just a matter of whipping the cream cheese, sugar and eggs. I thought of making choc chip cheesecake at first but I had a tin of mix fruit cocktail in the cabinet so decided to go with the fruits. I must say I was fascinated by how lovely it turned out! All golden loveliness and full of yumminess. But what's important was that hubby really enjoyed walloping a few slices.

Happy Birthday Hubby! Love you lots...and to more cheesecakes!

Friday, May 21, 2010

I'm Back and Ready to Party!

It's been ages since my last BakeScape entry and I'm so thankful and glad to be back. Although it's been a while since I posted an update on my baking adventure, I have not stopped baking and testing hundreds of recipes. It has been a fantastic source of inspiration and a sure-fire stress reliever. I'm now ready to dazzle you with my expertise (haha) and showcase my flair of turning ordinary ingredients into delicious foods.

Come with me on my journey!