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Invest in Your Health
A few weeks ago, one of my acquaintances' wife was taken ill quite suddenly. One morning, she found herself in extreme agony and wasn't able to move her body without causing more pain. She was quickly admitted to a local private hospital and underwent an MRI scan to find out the cause. She was diagnosed with a back injury or  a torn ligament that the doctor said was probably caused by an earlier incident, perhaps a serious fall during her youth. Her one-night admission and the MRI scan cost her nearly RM3000. She would also have to undergo regular physiotherapy and not to carry any heavy things.

She was quite fortunate that the family was able to pay her medical bills without any difficulty. However, her husband has decided to apply for a medical insurance coverage for her and the children that would ensure they receive the best treatment at the panel hospitals without any delay. With the medical card, there would be not be any hassle when it comes to admittance to the wards and he can be rest assured that they can afford the best treatment when the need should arise.

During the good times, we wouldn't naturally think of the bad times that may lurk in the horizon. It could be out of a misplaced fear or a superstitious belief that when we think of bad things happening, the bad things would happen. It is quite silly, actually. We should confront our worst fears and make efforts to ensure that we would be in a good position to handle the consequences. This is especially true when it comes to our health and wellbeing. The spiraling cost of healthcare is quite mind boggling. No longer is medical treatment a necessity, it is actually becoming a luxury for most of us that does not have a high disposable income. And with the rising cost of living, who can actually save for the rainy days.

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